A Captain Unafraid


A Captain Unafraid is a documentary film following the life of Captain ‘Dynamite’ Johnny O’ Brien. Johnny was a daredevil sea captain from New York, who made a name for himself as gunrunner ferrying dynamite, munitions and men to various revolutions across the Americas. He became a vital figure in the Cuban War of Independence having become ensconced by the Cuban cause. He was later in life given the position of Havana’s honorary harbor master and would be the Captain of the USS Maine on its final voyage to be re-sunk after it's removal from Havana.

A Captain Unafraid was shot in Ireland, the United States and Cuba between 2014 and 2015. It has gone on to win Best Documentary in the Calcutta Cult Film Festival and has been screened in Florida, New York, Cuba, Ireland, Spain and India.


I worked on location as a sound technician, as sound designer for the animated segments and co-composed the majority of the soundtrack.