Planet Phase (2020)

Planet Phase is a re-imagining of Steve Reich's 1967 piece for two pianos 'Piano Phase'. In Reich's original,  two piano's play the same line of music, a 12-note melody, repeated many times. At first both pianos are synchronised but slowly move out of phase revealing a variety  of tonal and sonic relationships. The phase continues to shift until eventually  the process has gone full circle, and the two pianists are playing again in perfect unison.

In Planet Phase there are instead eight lines of music corresponding to the planets of the Solar System; each with a cycle time corresponding to it's equivalent orbit of the sun.  Mercury, the shortest orbit is assigned to the tempo of the original Piano Phase melody.  The ratios of all the planets is preserved, Neptune being the further flung planet has an orbit of over  2 minutes.

Planet Phase is available on a limited run binaural recording for cassette tape.