RGB [2021]


RGB is a project exploring bulk downloading of images from Instagram. I had noticed that hashtags  used in Instagram  rarely match their apparent description but are predominantly used to link to advertisements. Below are three videos I made while experimenting with the platforms search function.


The first video contains three photo frames, each containing the results of the search term - #thecolorred, #thecolorgreen and #thecolorblue.  While they play through at a high frame rate to obscure the contained ads it is still evident that many of the tags have been assigned arbitrarily. 


Next each frame has total pixel colour value averaged to create a single block colour for each frame. It is still quite clear that many images don't even come close to linking to associated search term.


Finally I made a rolling average for each individual pixel over 20 frames. Only now does the search term begin to fit and on close inspection of the results the shadows of the original images remain.