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Two Tone Techno (2021)

While experimenting with very basic principles of electronic sound - sine waves, white noise, sampling rates,  one result became my submission for Community Scratch Games 2021 experimental category.

The piece is firstly built from two alternating sine tones, one a very low frequency, the other very high (just within my own hearing range). This alternation is controlled using [Gen~] within Max for sample accuracy, this allows to cut each wave at a different position in its phase giving rise to a huge variety of rhythmic possibilities. 


White noise is then filtered and gated and finally the original two sine waves are degraded using a rolling downsample, this lowers the nyquist frequency and folds over the waves creating many more frequencies. See video at the bottom of the page for a visualisation of this process. 

The final video is composed using footage from Edward Moybridge's early studies of human motion. The luminosity values are mapped to a z-plane and controlled by the audio amplitude to give the moving images a third dimensionality.

The video below shows a sonogram of the sine waves being downsampled over time and shows the complexity of the signal. 15X Speed.